How to Stack Classes on Peloton App

Stacking your classes is a great feature that Peloton introduced last month. It lets you create a playlist that will keep you on track while you’re doing your workout. Instead of having to sift through the on-demand library, you can simply create a playlist of classes that you want to complete. My favorites are Adrian Williams, Becs Gentry, Selena Samuela, and Aditi Shah.

Stacking classes on Peloton is just as easy as using the app. Just click and hold the thumbnail of a class you’d like to add to your stack. You can also manually select the classes that you’d like to stack and see them all at once. You can add as many classes as you’d like in your list, and this makes it easy to stay motivated and on schedule.

Once you’ve logged in to Peloton, you’ll need to find and tap the Stack icon. The icon will always show you the number of classes you have stacked. To change the order of your stacked classes, tap the arrow on the right side of the class that you’d like to move. To change the order of your piled classes, just click the arrow underneath the class. It will move to the top of the stack. Drag a class by placing your cursor over three lines. If you’d like to move a class from the bottom of the stack to the top, press the ‘done’ button.

To begin the stack, go to the main screen and click on the arrow next to the class. A pop-up window will appear with all of the class info. Once you’re done with the first class, you can click the “continue” button to view the next class. You can also continue your stack with other classes, if you have a subscription. If you’re already on a schedule and are planning to complete a workout, you can click ‘continue’ and then enter your information.

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To start a stack, go to the main screen and click’start’. Your first class will appear with the class info. After completing that class, you’ll see a button asking if you’d like to continue the stack. After that, you’ll be prompted to select the next class. You can then go back and forth to complete your schedule. To start a stack, select a single or multiple classes in the list.

Once you’ve selected a class, you can drag it up or down to move it to a new location. Once you’ve done this, the classes will be stacked automatically in the order you selected them. You can even delete a class by clicking its thumbnail. You can also use the’stack’ feature to move classes from one location to another. If you have a schedule that is longer than the average, you can select a class and drag it to a new location.

Once you’ve decided which classes you want to add to the stack, you can click’start’ on the main screen to start the stack. This will pop up a class information screen. When you’re ready to move on to the next class, click ‘continue’ to view it. You’ll be prompted to choose a different platform for a specific discipline. However, this does not apply to the Peloton Bike+.

Once you’ve decided which classes you want to stack, you can then go to your Peloton touchscreen and click on ‘Stack’. Once you’re done with a class, you can choose to delete it. You can stack multiple classes on the same page if you have the same number of slots. You can also add multiple classes to a single stack to make it easier to manage. This can be done from a computer or iOS device.

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After you’ve chosen your classes, you can move them from the Stack by selecting them on the screen. You can drag them up or down or delete them. You can also move them around if you’re not satisfied with the order of the classes. Whether you’re using a Peloton web or the Peloton app, you can stack classes in the order that best suits you.

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